Check the basics When I was young I thought that my cousin was stupid. Long journeys were tedious and we didn’t have the distractions that an iPhone offers.  To pass the time my cousin and I would play ‘I Spy’.  I am sure you know the game. One child says – ‘I spy with my […]

Patricia’s 6 year old son was lively and had many friends but he didn’t like school.  Each morning he hated having to get ready for school.   Patricia checked for the usual suspects – was he being bullied? – did he dislike his teacher? – was he lazy? – but nothing seemed to fit the bill.

  “Why do most individuals make use of only a small percentage of their resources, whereas a few exceptional individuals push themselves to their limits? Why do some individuals accomplish more than others of equal intelligence? One personal quality that is shared by most high achieving and successful people is grit. Grit may be the

The pandemic has changed how children learn.  For very good reasons on-line learning has become a ‘thing’. Most students have experienced some form of on-line learning – some for the first time.   Many teachers have had to create on-line and in-class lessons.  Parents have become more involved and engaged in children’s’ learning.  It has all

What will schools do now?

I had asked the wrong question – again! I was carrying out research for the BCTF by asking groups of parents how the school could help them help their child learn.  I wanted to write a pamphlet that could be shared with all schools so that they could help parents help their kids. But the

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