Seedpod Kid Assessment

Leading to Learning 

Discover Your Child’s Unique Path to Success

Over 50% of students underachieve at some time in their school career! * When you discover WHY your bright child is struggling to learn you can provide support that makes a difference, that leads your child to learning!

Underachievers are bright students who ‘could do better’

I call them Seed Pod Kids because they are trapped in their pods waiting to get the help they need to blossom and grow.

There are four types of Seed Pod Kids

  • ‘Lazy’ kids – who are unwilling do any work and are happy to just get by
  • Struggling kids – who try hard but don’t get anywhere
  • Exceptional kids –who are ‘different’ learners
  • Daydreamers –  who lack focus and attention

Each type of Seed Pod Kid requires a specific type of support. 

Take the quiz to discover why your child underachieves.

You know when you have a Seed Pod Kid. You know that your child is not reaching his or her full learning potentialBut, like many worried parents you don’t know what to do about it. No one is giving you the information and advice you need to make a difference.Until now.

The Good News

After a lifetime of teaching, specialized training and personal research I have discovered exactly how parents can help their Seed Pod Kid break out of their pod and blossom into the happy eager student you want them to be.

It all starts with discovering WHY your child is underachieving. 

When you know why your child underachieves you can provide the type of support that will make a difference.  Support that will help your child break out of his or her pod and become a Superstar.

You CAN lead your child to learning!  I can show you how.

Take the quiz, discover why your child is underachieving then check out the program that can help you lead your child to learning.

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