This summer change C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s

Have you done this?

Check the basics When I was young I thought that my cousin was stupid. Long journeys were tedious and we didn’t have the distractions that an iPhone offers.  To pass the time my cousin and

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Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Is your child ready for kindergarten?  Do you know how to give your child a head start on learning ? What if I told you that there are a few simple steps that you can

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Parents make the difference

Patricia’s 6 year old son was lively and had many friends but he didn’t like school.  Each morning he hated having to get ready for school.   Patricia checked for the usual suspects – was he

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My Wandering Path – and why it matters

It was only when I started writing about the path I had taken in my career that I realized how much I had relied on serendipity rather than planning to get me to where I

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Will your child benefit from online learning?

Who benefits from online learning? During the pandemic most schools moved to on-line learning.  This was seen as being the least worst option to help students keep up with their work. Many students found it

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