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Check out these easy to use workbooks that show you how to increase your child’s ability to learn. Choose the ones that meet your child’s learning needs.

Ready to Read Series

Basic phonic awareness to start your child’s reading journey and sets of workbooks that make helping your child learn letter sounds a breeze.

Ready to Read - Tips for Parents of Kids 2 - 5

This booklet provides you with the simple practical activities that will help you give your child a head start on reading. You will be ensuring that when your child goes to school – either to kindergarten or straight into Grade 1 – he or she will either be already a reader or well on the way to being one.

Sound Beginnings Workbooks

First Steps in Reading Series

How to help your child use their growing skills to make simple words and start the process of reading for meaning.

First Steps in Reading - Tips for Parents of Kids 2 - 5 (Word Families)

Simple proven, fun activities guaranteed to help your child make a start on reading.

Word Families Workbooks

The Porter Process Series

How to make a difference in your child’s life by increasing your child’s ability to learn and providing the specific help they need.

Discover how your child learns best

The first workbook helps you discover your child’s preferred learning style.  Other workbooks give you simple, practical ways to use your child’s learning preferences to increase learning.

Free Mini Assessments

Parental Support Assessment

Do you need to make changes, or is what you are doing working?

Seed Pod Assessment

Discover the type of support your child needs and watch your child blossom!

Does your child know how to learn?

The reason as many as nine out of ten children fail to reach their learning potential is because they do not know how to learn. They do not have the skills they need.
Does your child have all the skills he/she needs? Take this assessment and find out.


The Porter Process: 5 Steps to Unlock Your Child's Potential from K to Career

Research states that 25% of students underachieve in school. In my experience it is more like 90% who ‘could do better.’ The Porter Process is a way to help all children reach their full learning potential.

The book, for both parents and teachers looking for a better way to help kids learn, is packed with proven, practical, easy-to-use ways to help all children succeed in school and in life.

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