Awaken Motivation

Children are born with the desire to learn.  They are learning machines! 

But this desire to learn is fragile. It needs nurturing. When a child finds it difficult to learn or encounters too many failures their desire to learn disappears. They become unmotivated and they underachieve in school. These students are often labelled as, ‘lazy’, ‘uncaring’, and ‘stubborn’.I will tell you a secret. I have worked with hundreds of underachieving ‘lazy’ students and I have yet to find one who is lazy or unmotivated!Underachievers are in fact, highly motivated, just not in the ways you want them to be!

No amount of rewards or punishments make a difference. You have probably torn your hair out looking for ways to motivate and inspire your child but nothing seems to work.The key to unlocking your child’s motivation lies in understanding why your child is unmotivated, what kind of underachiever your child is, and using actions specifically designed to deal with the situation.Remember, motivation is the first stage of the learning process. Without motivation your child will never even start on the path that leads to learning!Stop trying ways that just don’t work. Stop using threats or rewards. Stop telling them they will end up in a job asking, ‘Do you want fries with that?”Start reigniting your child’s motivation to learn so that he or she can tap into their unused potential and awaken their inner dormant desire to achieve.This program shows you how.Imagine not having to nag your child to start their homework, not having to worry about unfinished assignments, not having to use endless rewards or threats.Imagine a child who comes home eager to start their schoolwork. AImagine a child who looks forward to each school day. A child who might grumble a little about the work they have to do (who doesn’t?) but is willing to do it without any fuss or reminders.The good news is, when you know EXACTLY what to do, how to do it, and what really works then you start seeing REAL RESULTS.​

There are two ways you can get the information and advice you need to reignite your child’s desire to learn:Take an on-line course, or work directly with me.•The on-line course ($97) gives you six easy to follow video lessons with actions you can take to make a difference.

This course is ideal for parents who want a self-paced, informative course that will show them a variety of ways to reignite their child’s love of learning.

  • Parents who want a personal service, one that is tailored to their child’s specific needs and shows them exactly how to work with their child may want to check out my  Awaken Motivation program.

So, what is the Awaken Motivation© program?It is a program based on the work of Dr. Harvey Mandel, a clinical psychologist, who describes different types of underachievers, why they lack motivation and what parents can do about it.There are four main types of underachiever, the Coasters who are happy to just get by, the Worriers who are too tense to work well, the Downer who is sad and has no energy, and the Non-conformers who underachieves because they want to.Your child will belong to one or more of these categories.Each category requires different ways to increase a child’s motivation.In my Awaken Motivation© program works because once we have discovered why your child is unmotivated and how this manifests itself in everyday life I can guide you through the specific steps that help you reignite your child’s love of learning.

In this five step process you will –

  • Understand why your child is not willing to learn so you can recognize warning signs.

  • Define which of the four main types of underachiever relates to your child so we know what specific support your child needs.

  • Be guided through the program that helps you make small changes that lead to a big outcome.

  • Be provided with easy to use strategies that fit your lifestyle so you and your child avoid stress.

How does it work?

You will receive over 5 hours of personal undivided attention from me and will have access to all my expertise and experience as I guide you through the five steps of the program.

Step 1First things first – We discover why your child is unmotivated and how you have tried to help.Step 2What’s my type? – Using the unique Diagnostic Motivation Assessment we uncover which type of underachiever your child is.Step 3Make a Start – Now we the specific steps to follow I can help you to start making a difference.

Step 4Follow through – You start to see results as you learn the rest of the steps that leads your child to learning.

Step 5Lock in the gains – review progress and think about next steps!Everything is done on-line. Calls will be made at your convenience and you can work through the program at your own pace.

The Diagnostic assessment tool is also on line and quick and easy to complete and send back.

The five calls can be by phone or I can set up a Zoom meeting.Yes, you have to consider the price ($997 USD – there are payment options) but more importantly consider the value. This program could put your child back on their path to success. It could be the key that unlocks your child’s learning potential. It could open your child to a world of learning and success in life.I know of no other program that helps you re-motivate your child. This could be your chance to set your child up for a bright future. A future where learning becomes a habit and success is within your child’s grasp.

Still not sure? I understand. You want the best for your child and you don’t want to make any more mistakes.So here is my offer.If, after the second call with me, you decide this program is not for you I will refund the full amount you have paid. All you have to do is tell me why you are not willing to continue with the process.What have you to lose?What does your child have to gain?

If you have questions or want to check that this program is right for you contact me and we can chat.Take carePatricia

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