Hi my name is

Dr. Patricia

I trained in the early ’60s (yes, I am that old!) and taught a variety of classes in the UK.
I obtained diplomas in Educational Broadcasting and Special Education and I carried out research at Birmingham University for which I was granted a Master in Education.
After that, I was granted a Churchill Scholarship to travel around the USA looking at how educational programs.
My only claim to fame is that, while on this trip, I had lunch with Fred Rogers!

While working with slow learners in Vancouver I had the opportunity to work with and be trained by Professor Reuven Feuerstein and his colleagues who taught me about how kids learn.
I worked as a Home/School coordinator and as a researcher at the University of British Columbia where I started exploring how parents supported children’s learning.
I was granted a Ph. D. (yeah!) and now use my expertise, experience (35 years teaching) and training to help parents unlock their child’s potential.

My Story

I was a Seed Pod Kid.

I struggled in school, barely made it to high school, didn’t do well enough to get into a university and ended up having to take jobs that no one wanted. It was hard. I didn’t feel good about myself.

When I finally became a teacher, I taught the kids that no one wanted to reach. Slow learners they were called. They were angry, confused, hated the system, and knew that they were the ‘stupid’ kids.

I recognized my own. Their story was my story.

I wanted to know more. I wanted to discover why these bright kids, with so much hidden potential, were struggling to learn.

It took me years of hard work, heartache, and help from some amazing people, plus an innate doggedness (some might say ‘stubborness,’) for me to find the answer.

If I had known then what I know now, my road to academic and career satisfaction would have have been so bumpy and paved with bouts of depression and a failed marriage!

But here I am. And I don’t want any other child to have to go through what I did. For the last 20 years I have been striving to help parents crack open their child’s seed pod and unleash their super powers.

Seed Pod Kids fall through the cracks of education systems and never get the support they need to grow and bloom.

You can turn this around. In fact, you, the parent, are the only one who can help your Seed Pod Kid grow into their full potential.


Parents of 8 yr old who was losing her self-confidence

“We felt lost. We wanted to help our daughter but we felt unable to give her the right support. Her teachers were frustrated too. We didn’t want to wait until she had fallen out of love with school to take action. Thanks to you we’ve made practical change at home and school and she is feeling much less misunderstood and the teacher less frustrated! Homework time has been cut in half!”

Mrs. T, Mother of 8 yr old who was starting to hate school

“Our boy is smart in many ways but some things were really challenging for him. We were a frustrated family! You immediately suggested some new strategies and we are already seeing results – in just two days! My child’s spark is back!”

Mrs. C, Mother of 12 yr old who had been struggling for several years

“How do we fix a leak in a boat that is always taking on more water? That is how we felt about our son’s struggles in school. Now we have a plan with some very practical steps. Our relationship is infinitely better than before – thank you.”

Mother of 11 yr old boy who wanted to know how to help him

"What I am most amazed by is what you were able to tell from the assessments. I am fascinated by this and how accurate your ‘picture’ of him is. I rarely have the opportunity to learn about his strengths. You gave me a lot of useful information in a quick, easy to read, helpful format. We have completed goal #1 and are already working on goal #2!"

Mother of 12 year old pre-teen with a bad attitude!

“I can’t recommend Patricia highly enough. Once you know how your child’s brain is wired you won’t spend their school year in the dark, not knowing how to support your child. Understanding how your child learns is such vital information. It is hard to put a price on it. You can say goodbye to homework struggles and surly kids who don’t know why they aren’t succeeding in school.”

Mother who was tired of paying for tutoring

“I really, really, like the core learning skills in step two because it’s like your secret weapon. That’s the reason your child isn’t learning no matter how much money you spend or how many tutors you hire. Until you identify the core learning issues nothing changes. But once you identified it everything became possible! It’s like the secret key that opens the door to the future, and only you Patricia can help parents find it. What an amazing program.”

Parents of 8 yr old who were having problems with the school

"Patricia was down to earth and helped us feel calm about the school’s demands of our daughter. She was reassuring and full of practical help. We have made huge progress."

Mother of 9 yr old anxious child

“Our son was frustrated and anxious because he knew he was behind his classmates. You showed us how to increase his self-confidence and reduce his anxiety. Now he is doing well in class and we are a happy family.”

“Our child quickly becomes distracted and fidgety and is easily discouraged. It would be nice to sit down, focus on a task and complete homework with the feeling that we actually helped him. We didn’t know how to make that happen. Since taking your course we are much more aware of our son’s learning needs and the ways we can support him. Homework is a breeze and we all feel good.”

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