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Helping children learn can be stressful.  Parents tell me they often feel exhausted, confused and upset when their child doesn’t seem to ‘get it’.

These courses give you skills that take the stress out of supporting your child’s education by showing you ways to avoid homework hassles and increase your child’s learning behavior so that your relationship with your child improves and even flourishes.

Five simple ways to turn homework stress into homework success.

1. Get Organized – so no time is wasted

2. Break up tasks into manageable parts to stop overwhelm

3.Whose Job is it? Stop doing the work your child or your child’s teacher should be doing

4.Focus on Strengths and create a positive attitude about homework

5.Walk away! When all else fails allow your child to take responsibility for his actions
Helping your child succeed in school can and should be fun.  This course will help you get there.

Stop the Stress



Ask the right questions



There is one easy way to help your child develop their thinking ability – ask questions!

In this course you will learn the type of questions to ask, when to use them and how to handle your child’s responses.

This underused way of increasing your child’s learning is easy to master and fun to use.  Stay ahead of others learning how to use this skill.

Imagine what your home life would be like if you knew – 

What to do to help your child get homework finished in record time, without nagging or worrying.

How to support your child when he or she is struggling to do their work so you can take away your child’s fear of failure.

How to use homework to collaborate with your child’s teacher to ensure your child gets all the help he needs.

All this could happen within days of you taking this course!

When you follow these five simple steps you change homework stress into homework success.

Stop guessing how to help your child.  Start using these simple techniques to make homework time manageable and maybe even happy!

Happy Homework



How long are you going to wait? How long are you going to let your child’s brain get more and more fixated on pathways that prevent your child focusing?

Still not sure?

Then contact me and we can discuss your concerns.

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