Learning to Learn

Your child learned how to walk. He or she learned how to talk.

But did your child learn how to learn?

I am ashamed to say that I had been teaching for many years before I realized that children need to learn how to learn!I, like many other teachers, had assumed that children either knew how to learn or could figure it out by themselves. How wrong we were!Learning doesn’t just happen. Learning only happens when a child uses a set of basic, foundational, vital skills to work through the learning process.Think of something you know how to do. Now think of the skills you needed to be able to do it! Without those skills it is almost impossible to learn anything!Many children know how to learn. They have picked up and developed the foundational skills that lead to learning. But many do not.For these children, who may be missing one or more of these skills, learning becomes a struggle. And it will continue to be a struggle until they develop the skills they need.One of the main reasons bright children struggle to learn is because they are missing one or more of these vital learning skills. That is all! They are not lazy, they are not stupid, they are not poor students. They are bright kids who can’t because learn they don’t know how!And all it takes to get these students back on track is to discover which learning skill they need to develop and help them develop it!That is what this Learning to Learn© program does. It discovers the skill or skills your child needs to develop and provides you with ways to help develop them.Couldn’t be easier!How do I know it works? Because I have used this program with many parents and, as long as they are open to understanding the need for foundational learning skills, they have been able to make enormous changes to their child’s ability to learn. Read more

So, when you sign up for this program what do you get?The program is based around five calls, either on the phone or through Zoom. You also get access to my unique Diagnostic Learning Skills Assessment© which can be quickly completed on line and returned to me.Here is the process in full.

Step 1​​First things first – We set learning goals. What do you want your child to be able to do that he can’t do now, or can’t do very well?

Step 2​​What’s my Type? – Using my unique on-line Diagnostic Learning Skills Assessment©, we discover which of the twelve foundational leaning skills your child needs to develop.Step 3Make a Start – Once we know what your child needs to learn I offer strategies you can use to help your child develop those skills. These strategies are easy to use and proven to work. You don’t have to become an expert to use them. They are all based on everyday activities and can easily be adapted to your family life.

Step 4Follow Through – But we don’t stop there. On the next call we discuss progress and, if needed alter and adapt the strategies to make them more effective. I also offer more strategies as needed.

Step 5Lock in the Gains -The last call is to celebrate success and think about next steps. Now you have unlocked your child’s learning potential who knows what heights he or she will reach?This program is a $3000 value (the cost of working with an Educational Psychologist) But I offer it for for $997. That is a saving of over $2000!But the true value of the program is seeing your struggling learner transform into a happy eager student!

There is no risk. If, in the exceptional circumstance that you don’t think this program will work for you, I will give you your money back.My guarantee for youIf, after the first call and completing the Diagnostic Assessment you see no benefit in the program you can cancel at no cost.Imagine how you will feel knowing that you are guiding your child down their path to success and into a fabulous future.

Still undecided?

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program and its suitability for you and your child.But please, remember that your child can’t wait! The earlier your child learns how to learn the more he or she will benefit from a lifetime of learning.Act now! You and your child will be glad that you did!

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