Welcome to the Parental Support Assessment.


I know that, like most parents, you are doing what you can to support your child’s education. Here is an opportunity to discover if what you are doing is working, both for you and for your child.

After taking the assessment – whatever the results! – I will send you my free report ‘Roadmap to Success’ and enroll you in my email course – ‘How to set your child on the path to School Success’.

Please answer YES or NO to the following statements.  Score one point for YES.

What your score means

20 or more: Well done! You are giving your child what he or she needs to succeed. I congratulate you because I know how hard you are working at giving your child a great future. However, there may be easier and less stressful ways to help your child succeed. Take the quiz to discover some options.

15-20: You are doing some things right! You might consider concentrating on the ways that work best and dropping those that are more trouble than they are worth. A brief chat could set you on the right path.  Take the quiz so you know which area of learning you need to support.

Below 15: A low score does not mean you are a bad parent or you do not care about your child’s education. It usually means that you are trying too hard! You, like many parents, are spending time and effort helping your child but not getting results. Take the quiz to learn what type of support your child needs.

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