The Porter Process: 5 steps to Unlock Your Child’s Potential from K to Career

Research states that 25% of students underachieve in school. In my experience it is more like 90% who ‘could do better’. The Porter Process is a way to help all children reach their full learning potential.
The book, for both parents and teachers looking for a better way to help kids learn, is packed with proven, practical, easy-to-use ways to help all children succeed in school and in life.

From SeedPod kid to Superstar: Three steps that turn your child into a happy successful student in 60 days or less no matter how many tutors, books or teacher talks you’ve tried.

Is your bright child trapped in a system that prevents him or her growing into their superpowers? Do you know how to help your child break free of learning hurdles? Learn the three simple steps that unlock your child’s hidden powers.


Parental Support Assessment

Is what you are doing for your child working or do you need to make changes?  Take this assessment and find out.

Does your child know how to learn? 

The reason as many as nine out of ten children fail to reach their learning potential is because they do not know how to learn.  They do not have the skills they need.  Does your child have all the skills he/she needs?  Take this assessment and find out.

Underachievement Assessment

Is your child underachieving in school? Are you sure?  This assessment will let you know if your child ‘could do better’.

Four Stages Assessment

There are four stages in the learning process.  Each stage needs its own unique type of support.  Discover which stage of learning your child needs help with so you don’t waste your time and effort helping in ways that don’t work


Do parents know?
This research report talks about the difference between ‘parent involvement’ – how schools encourage parental support – and ‘parent engagement’- how parents actively encourage learning. Parent engagement wins every time.

5 Secret Steps
This is one of the first reports I wrote. It is an early outline of The Porter Process and has some great action steps that are still very relevant today.

Ways of learning
This report describes the eight ways children learn. Students may have a mix of two, three, or even four of these ways. When you know how your child learns best you can provide support that works.

What makes a Good Learner?
Good leaners have developed the twelve foundational learning skills listed here. This list of skills was derived from world renowned research into how children learn and is a cornerstone of my work.

Learn about the 5 common mistakes parents make when helping children learn – and how to avoid them!

The Learning Process
Learning doesn’t just happen. It is a process. This report describes the process in three steps. My later research highlighted a fourth step – one that comes before these three steps – the desire to learn. Several of my courses address this issue.

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