Move to Mastery

Has your bright child missed some lessons or not understood what they have been taught?

 Does he or she need help with a specific school subject such as math or writing skills?

Do you want to help your child master a subject and be ready to ace an exam?Or do you want your child to learn a skill that is not taught in the school? You might want your child to learn to play the piano or learning another language?

If any of these situation relate to you and your child your child needs extra help that consolidates his or her learning and leads to better grades and test results.But not just any help. You need to provide help that makes learning as quick and easy as possible. If you want a tutor for your child you need one who teaches the way your child learns best. You may be thinking of providing extra support by hiring a tutor or sending your child to a specific tutoring program. Or you may be thinking of ways you can teach your child yourself.Whatever course of action you decide to take some basic information can help you maximize your child’s learning.You need answers to questions such as –What type of extra support does my child need?How can I fit this into my lifestyle?Does my child need a tutor or a tutoring program?Which tutor or tutoring program will be best for my child?How can I find a good tutor?How can I avoid the ‘Homework Hassle’?How can I work with the school?How can I help my child prepare for an exam?The Move to Mastery© program can guide you to the answers that help you make the right decisions about how to help your child.How does the program work?There are two parts to the program. Part 1The first part consists of two calls and an on-line Learning Preferences Assessment©.In the first of the personal calls we will discuss your child’s learning goals so support is laser focused on helping your child reach them. The I will send you the Diagnostic Learning Preferences Assessment so that before the next call I am ready to provide advice and information that fits your child’s learning needs.These might be the only two calls you need.Part 2This program is all about you – and your child’s need for extra support. You may get the answers you need in one call or it may take several calls to ensure your child gets the extra support that moves him or her to mastery.Later calls be around issues that are relevant to your needs. If you need to find a good tutor, or the best tutoring program, or ideas for helping with homework or working with the school we can create a plan to make this happen.Your need. Your choice. It is difficult to overstate the value of the information and advice you will receive. A two-hour session with an educational consultant could cost you a thousand dollars or more! This program not only gives you access to two hours of educational expertise it also provides you with information about how your child earns best.And you can get his information and advice for about the same price as a pair of good sneakers!The first two foundational one-hour calls where we will set learning goals, discover your child’s learning preferences and discuss strategies that lead to success cost $350 USD.

If, after these two information packed calls you still have questions or want to review and replenish ideas for useful strategies you can book extra support. You may want to use the second part of the programIn this part of the program you only pay for what you need. You can book a one-hour call calls where I will respond to your questions and offer further advice.These calls can be booked for $150USD per hour.And there is a bonus. If your child is in middle school or high school I can work directly with him or her. I find that students who are old enough to make their own decisions about the help they need delight in understanding how they learn best and how this knowledge can lead them to learning.Don’t waste your money and your child’s time by providing support that does not match his or her learning needs.


Still undecided?

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program and its suitability for you and your child.But please, remember that your child can’t wait! Act now! You and your child will be glad that you did.Take carePatricia

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