Dr Patricia Porter

It is critical that parents learn how to take charge of their child’s education. Schools can’t do it all.  Unfortunately, although parents know they have a role to play in helping children learn, they don’t know what that role is, which leads to confusion, frustration and may even prevent children learning.

My years of teaching experience, specialized training and research has provided me with a unique insight into how parents can increase their child’ ability to learn.  I have developed a proprietary on-line system that provides parents with proven, practical strategies that address their child’s specific needs so that he or she can succeed in school and in life.

I’m 76 years old. I should be just looking after my pussy cat . But parents are desperate for support and no one is giving it to them.

List of topics I can speak about

  • How to stop guessing and start discovering the support your child needs.
  • How to work with your child’s school so he or he gets the education they need and deserve. 
  • ‘Could do better’ – Three steps to help your child overcome learning hurdles and become the learner you know that he or she could be.
  • The four stages of the learning process – and why they matter.
  • Children learn in different ways. How does your child learn best and why you need to know.

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Mobile: +1 (778) 999 9449

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