Focus Transformation

Now, for the first time, a program that gives you simple, effective skills to help your child focus and succeed.

Are you worried about your child’s future because he or she can’t focus, can’t concentrate on the work they have to do?If you have taken the ‘Why is my child underachieving?’ quiz on the home page and have eliminated ‘lack of skills, lack of motivation and ‘being a different learner’ as reasons your child underachieves you will want to consider distractibility and lack of focus as the reason.You are not alone! Many parents tell me their child doesn’t focus on schoolwork, or put any effort into completing homework. As a result, grades go down, frustration goes up and anger and confusion reign.Your child says schoolwork is ‘boring’ and he doesn’t see why he has to do it.And, unfortunately, a lot of schoolwork falls into that category!What can you do? You have probably told your child about the importance of education, offered bribes to get work completed, helped with homework all without effect. The problem doesn’t go away.There is a reason for that.New thinking about why people lack skills of attention and behavior regulation points to how a person’s brain works. It suggests that, over time, the connections that form within the brain solidify into certain patterns. If a child has been bored in the past – as many bright kids may have been – their brain has developed patterns that include lack of attention and self-regulation which leads to lack of focus and follow through in class.The way to correct this behavior is to help a child rewire their brain.This is not as difficult as it may seem.By following my five step program you will learn simple actions that help your child re-wire his or her brain and gain control over where and when he or she pays attention and focuses on schoolwork.What are the steps?

Step 1 – First Things FirstWhich activities grab your child’s attention and which things don’t?Step 2 – What’s my Type?We discover triggers that lead to loss of attention.Step 3 – Make a Start​​Three ways to rewire your child’s brain.

Step 4 – Follow Through​How to fit these ways into your daily life.

Step 5 – Lock in the GainsReview progress and think about next steps!Trust me, no amount of cajoling, punishing, rewarding your child will lead to better skills of attention and focus.

In over 35 years teaching I have tried all the ways I could think of to get bright kids to focus, do their work, and get the results we both know they are capable of getting. Like you I was frustrated, exhausted and at my wits end knowing what to do.Then I came across this new way of thinking about why these kids underachieve and what you can do about it!Eureka! A solution at last. And I am excited to share this with you and to support you as you go through the process of helping your child rewire his or her brain.When you sign up for the program you will get:

  • Five hours of personal coaching – on-line and at your convenience. (That alone is a $5k value!)
  • Simple, easy to complete, activities that help you create your child’s unique path to success. (Yes, there is homework!)
  • Help with making sure the necessary actions fit into your lifestyle so that stress is reduced or even eliminated altogether.
  • An understanding of how your child’s brain works to prevent him or her focusing on schoolwork.
  • Advice on how to approach your child’s school to explain what you are doing and why. Having teachers on board is a great help.
  • The peace of mind knowing that you are doing all you can to help your child focus and succeed.
  • You might even find that you can use these actions to increase your own ability to focus!

And you will get all this for one payment of $997 USD or three payments of $397 USD.

Does this program really work?I promise you that if you follow the steps I teach you, do the homework after each call (never more than 30 minutes long) and get your child to participate in the fun this program will work!And there is more!If, after the first two coaching sessions, you are unconvinced of the merits of this program for your child – or are not prepared to follow through on the actions discussed – I will give you a full refund. All I ask is for proof that you have tried the steps but have been unable to complete them

Seriously, you are getting over $5K value for less than $1K. And with a full guarantee.

How long are you going to wait? How long are you going to let your child’s brain get more and more fixated on pathways that prevent your child focusing?Still not sure?Then contact me and we can discuss your concerns.

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