I have always believed that most children can learn the basic of reading, writing and arithmetic BEFORE they go to school.  

What a treat it is for a teacher when a child has developed an understanding of what the 3R’s are all about. And what a start on learning these children have!

The following programs show you how to use The 3R’s 

All children want to learn to read. In this simple, yet effective course you will learn about the limitations of a phonetic approach to reading as well as how to help your child –

Develop their vocabulary so they understand what they read

Learn that letters have names and sounds


And how to read with your child in ways that promote basic reading skills.

Ready to Read



These 26 workbooks – one for each letter of the alphabet –  give children the opportunity to master basic phonetics.

The accompanying parent book gives you simple, effective ways to use each page to help your child get ready to read.

Each workbook contains seven activities, one for each day of the week

Download as many as you need and have fun sharing the basics of getting ready to read.

Ready to Read Workbooks



First Steps to Reading



Children can learn the basics of reading before they go to school. You can make it happen.

 In this course you will learn –

how to help your child develop their knowledge of letters and letter sounds into words and even sentences

which words do not follow standard rules and how to help your child recognize them

The five rules of reading so when your child stumbles over a word you can give him the support he needs

And much more

First Steps in Reading



Use these workbooks on their own or as part of the Course First Steps in Reading.

The workbooks are easy to download, fun to use, and provide a step by step plan to help your child begin their reading journey.

Reading and writing go together. As soon as your child starts to read he will want to write and form letters.

Make printing easy for your child.  Provide them with an easy to use, integrated process that makes printing simple and an easy, intuitive step to the writing process.

Don’t let your child’s imagination by halted by having to worry about how to write.

Use the templates (and pages of newspaper, crayons and pencils) to get your child on the right track.

First Steps to Printing



How long are you going to wait? How long are you going to let your child’s brain get more and more fixated on pathways that prevent your child focusing?

Still not sure?

Then contact me and we can discuss your concerns.

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