This summer change C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s

Summer is here.  Kids are having fun.  School seems far away.

So why should you be thinking about it now and why should you be working out what your child needs to succeed?

Because summer is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your child’s past year of schooling and make some plans for the upcoming school year.

You might be considering your child’s successes, wondering what your child did to get high grades and how you can make sure things either stay the same or get even better.

Or you might be considering your child’s failures, wondering why your child didn’t get the grades you wanted them to get and wondering how to help your child get better grades next school year.

Now is the time to reflect and consider possible changes in your child’s learning life.

If you were unhappy with your child’s end of year grades  – and I know that many parents except their child to get B’s and A’s and worry when their child coms home with a C grade – there are three things you must do.

  1. You must not jump to the conclusion that your child needs to work harder and that you need to provide tutoring or extra schooling during the summer.

Your child has been working hard all year.  There is a reason why he or she is struggling to get high grades.  Paying for extra tutoring or summer school programs probably won’t help.  Your child does not need ‘more school’.  If the schooling they have been getting isn’t working why should more ‘more school’ help?  Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a form of madness!

But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to help.  Read on to discover how to give your child the help he or she needs to change those C’s and D’s into A’s and B’s.

  1. Don’t panic. Take time to reflect on your child’s learning.  What has worked for your child?  What is causing issues?

Has your child reacted badly to his teacher?   Has your daughter been handling emotional turmoil?  Have Covid restrictions lead to anxiety and fear of the future?  Or does your child lack one of the basic learning skills that lead to learning?

You might want to check out the diagnostic tools on my website to discover why your child struggles in school.    You can quickly and easily discover what is stopping your bright child getting A’s – and it might not be what you think.

  1. Lastly, after you have discovered exactly what support your child needs to have a successful new school year you can work out how to provide that support.

Your child might benefit from tutoring – but how are you going to choose the best type of tutoring so you don’t waste your money or your child’s time?  Knowing how your child learns best can help you decide.  Check out my “Discover your child’s learning style” workbook.

Or you might discover that your child needs to develop or learn to use one of the essential skills that lead to learning.   I have workbooks that show you to do that after you have uncovered the skill that is weak or missing.

No pressure.  Take your time.  You have all summer to discover how to help your child get better grades.  But do take this time to discover what support your child needs and how you can provide it.  When you know this helping your child learn becomes easy and enjoyable.  And your child will thank you, really, they will.

Take care  Enjoy the summer.  Relax, let your child relax, but reflect on how you can improve your child’s learning during the next school year.

Remember, parents make the difference.  You can change your child’s C’s and D’s into B’s and even A’s in as little as two weeks when you know what to do.

Make a difference in your child’s learning life.   You can do it.  I can help.




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