Summer is here.  Kids are having fun.  School seems far away. So why should you be thinking about it now and why should you be working out what your child needs to succeed? Because summer is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your child’s past year of schooling and make some plans for the upcoming […]

It was only when I started writing about the path I had taken in my career that I realized how much I had relied on serendipity rather than planning to get me to where I am today.  Logical  (Number) learners would have created a plan and worked towards it.  Being an intuitive (Visual) learner this

  I meet many students with different learning problems – but the all have the same simple solution.  Could it be the solution to your child’s learning problems?   Check out these three – true – stories and discover how easy it can be to overcome learning problems. Story #1 Marianne was worried about her son. 

Who benefits from online learning? During the pandemic most schools moved to on-line learning.  This was seen as being the least worst option to help students keep up with their work. Many students found it difficult to adapt to this new form of schooling and their grades suffered as a result. But some children thrived

    Here we go again. There is a BIG discussion in education circles about the best way to teach kids to read.   The debate is an old one wrapped up in new language.  Instead of the terms Phonics v. Whole language educators are now using the terms Structured Literacy v. Three-cueing system. Same old

School – such as it was – is out for the summer and your child has got an end-of-year report on their progress during the last year. Did you understand it?  Many parents tell me that they can’t understand what the report means and complain that it doesn’t give them information they can use. I

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