My Wandering Path – and why it matters


It was only when I started writing about the path I had taken in my career that I realized how much I had relied on serendipity rather than planning to get me to where I am today.  Logical  (Number) learners would have created a plan and worked towards it.  Being an intuitive (Visual) learner this approach wouldn’t have worked for me.

But, despite not having a plan, and not getting a first degree, I have ended up with with a Ph. D., several diplomas, and the ability to diagnose learning issues in school age children.

If I had to follow a plan I doubt that any of this would have happened.

How will your child go through life?  How will your child achieve his or her dreams?

Are you trying to force your child into a system that worked for you but that might not work for your child?

Do you have the courage to let your child discover their own path to success?

Rather than putting barriers in the way of your child’s success discover your child’s learning preferences and help them reach their dreams.My Wandering Path

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