Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Is your child ready for kindergarten?  Do you know how to give your child a head start on learning ?

What if I told you that there are a few simple steps that you can use right now to make sure that your child is not only ready for kindergarten but that he or she will be ‘the top of the class’?

As a teacher I knew from day one which children were ‘school ready’.  They were the ones who knew how to listen, knew how to sit still, knew how to play with other children.  But the best students of all were the ones who knew what reading was all about.

I don’t mean that they were reading yet, though a few were, but I mean the kids who could hold a book the right way up, knew the first letter of their name, could understand simple instructions the first time they were told them.

The children that had a good vocabulary, and knew how to recognize their names and wanted to learn to read were a joy to have in the classroom.  I knew that they were going to learn quickly and that they were going to enjoy being in school.

What if you could quickly and easily give your child a head start on learning how to read?  What a great kindergarten year your child would have.

And you could make it happen in  few simple steps.

My course – Reading Foundations –  – tells you all you need to know to get your child ready for the first day of kindergarten.

You no longer have to worry about whether you should be teaching your child letter sounds (phonics) or taking a whole word (reading for meaning) approach.  This course tells you how to integrate these methods as well as others so that you can ensure your child really does have the foundational reading skills that lead to reading.

And it is all so simple – and dare I say it – fun to do.

Don’t wait.  Check out the course now.

Even just reading the chapter titles gives you information about  how to give your child a head start on learning how to read.

And, once your child has the foundation he or she needs there are other courses and workbooks that help you develop the reading and writing skills that lead to success.



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