The simple answer to the question ‘How can I help my child learn?”

A magic trick that any parent can do

There is one question that parents always ask -”What’s the best way to help my child learn?” They expect me to tell them about tutoring programs and textbooks that they can buy or how to help with homework. Well, I have a simple answer, but it is not the answer most parents expect.  And, despite it being the most effective way to help kids learn, many parents are just not ready to hear about it. Are you ready to learn… Read More →

Does your child know how to learn? Three ways you can make this happen

Wow!  I love learning.

Does your child know how to learn? Are you sure? The #1 reason children underachieve in school is because they are missing one or more to the basic skills that help them know how to learn. Whether you know it or not, you are always either helping or preventing your child from learning these basic skills.  You are always influencing how well your child learns. Scary! Well, not so fast.  It is really easy to help children develop the skills… Read More →

What a difference a day makes!

I can read now!

  Do you remember this song….? “What a difference a day makes Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain” The song is about falling in love but 24 hours (or only a little longer) can  change rain into sunshine and flowers for children who are struggling to learn. Jenny is a bright Grade 3 student but she was only reading at Grade 1 level.  She hated reading.  She did whatever she could to… Read More →

3 Stress Free Ways to Stop the ‘Summer Slide’.

School is out.  Summer is here. Everyone want to have a good time and that does not include having to do schoolwork! But all teachers know about the ‘summer slide’ – kids can lose up to three months of learning during the summer. All because students ‘switch off’ from school type work. Some students go to summer school. This can help keep them in a ‘thinking mode’.  But what about this kids who don’t go to summer school? What can… Read More →

We want to thank you for the wisdom and guidance you have given us and our daughter. K has improved, as you said she would, with the right learning methods. You have truly helped us understand K’s learning needs and provided us with effective advice on how to help her. As you know we were struggling when we came to you.

Through your advice and support we have minimized the struggle and maximized the use of learning time. We already see a change in her confidence and so do her teachers. You are truly capable of assessing and understanding how each child learns and offer clear and effective advice.

- Bonny and Tom Staniskis

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