Learning style and potluck dinners

food on table

Who knew that a potluck dinner could teach us about learning? Potluck dinners are a wonderful North American institution.  They didn’t have them in the UK when I lived there and large dinner parties meant hard work and days of preparation for the host and hostess.  At a potluck people contribute their best dish and everyone benefits from the great food leading to less stress, more sharing and much more enjoyment for all concerned. Education should take place the same… Read More →

How do parents matter?

‘We have not really figured out how parents matter’, states Keith Robinson, co-author of ‘Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with child’s education’. Well hello!  Perhaps the authors haven’t been reading my blog. But maybe they can be forgiven because Robinson also states that ‘Just because you think you should be … supporting your child’s education  doesn’t mean that … your support… is effective’. Surely we know that too?  Every parent who struggles to help kids with homework worries about how effective… Read More →

What Makes a Good Teacher?

What makes a good teacher?

What do you think makes a good teacher? These are the responses I got from a group of parents in an elementary school. *  Patience *  Being a good listener *  Good classroom management *  A sense of humour *  Creativity *  Flexibility *  A caring approach *  Persistence Can you add to this list?   I would like to share your thoughts when I talk to teachers. How does your chid’s teacher measure up?      

Successful school year? Now is the time to make sure it happens

It is only the end of March but already schools are thinking about next year – which kids are going to go where, which kids will pass the year with honours, who will need extra help.  There is not a lot of time left to make sure that your child gets the Grades he or she is capable of getting and ends the year on a good note. If you have any concerns about your child’s education now is an… Read More →

We want to thank you for the wisdom and guidance you have given us and our daughter. K has improved, as you said she would, with the right learning methods. You have truly helped us understand K’s learning needs and provided us with effective advice on how to help her. As you know we were struggling when we came to you.

Through your advice and support we have minimized the struggle and maximized the use of learning time. We already see a change in her confidence and so do her teachers. You are truly capable of assessing and understanding how each child learns and offer clear and effective advice.

- Bonny and Tom Staniskis

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