How to Choose the Best School for Your Child.

Every parent wants their child to go to the best school in the neighbourhood and I am often asked which one I would recommend. The answer is simple. The best school of any child is one where the teachers teach the way the child learns best! Some children learn best in a structured environment and for them a school with traditional approach would work well.  Others prefer a more open, creative way of learning and these students would do well in a… Read More →

How Does Your Child Learn? And Why You Need To Know.

  Children learn in many different ways, teachers teach in one or two ways. If your child learns the same way the teacher teaches all will be well. But it is more likely that the way your child learns does not match the way the teacher teaches. The result …. Loss of motivation, loss of confidence, low grades … well you know how it goes. Any mismatch between how your child is taught and how he or she learns –… Read More →

3 Ways To Ensure Children Get The Education They Deserve

I am sure that you have heard the saying, ‘it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease’.   Well, in schools, it is the committed parent whose child gets the best education! I know that it shouldn’t work that way – all children should get the education they need and deserve – but it does.  After 35 years in the classroom I have seen countless occasions where parental involvement made a difference to  children’s schooling. But there are ways parents… Read More →

What to say so your child will learn

Did you know that everything you say to your child either helps or hinders their learning? Everything! Imagine the situation where you are trying to get your child to bed – you can either say “Go to bed now!”  or “It is time to go to bed so that you are ready for school in the morning”. The first stops the child from thinking about why he or she should go to bed.  The second helps the child understand the… Read More →

We want to thank you for the wisdom and guidance you have given us and our daughter. K has improved, as you said she would, with the right learning methods. You have truly helped us understand K’s learning needs and provided us with effective advice on how to help her. As you know we were struggling when we came to you.

Through your advice and support we have minimized the struggle and maximized the use of learning time. We already see a change in her confidence and so do her teachers. You are truly capable of assessing and understanding how each child learns and offer clear and effective advice.

- Bonny and Tom Staniskis

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