Types of support

As a teacher of students who were struggling to learn I had one question. Why do some children learn more easily than others? I knew that it had nothing to do with a child’s intelligence because some of the slow learners I worked with were very bright –  just not ‘school bright’.  By ‘school bright’ […]

Parents are juggling home life, work, and helping one or more child continue their education.  Talk about increased stress!  And this stress is increased when your child finds on line learning difficult. Students are having to move from classroom learning to learning on line.  For some students this is not a problem, maybe even a

I have used the Porter Process with many parents and everyone has been delighted with the results. But some parents are unsure about using the process.  They have two main concerns.  I’d like to address these so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to use this process. A few parents either think the

Yes, the Porter Process really works. Have a look at these are true stories of how the Porter Process has changed children and parent’s lives life for the better. Names have been changed, outcomes haven’t! Joanne and her daughter Joanne was desperate.  She was sobbing into the phone.  As she calmed down she was able

I know that you give your child all the support you can to succeed in school.  I also know that many parents, just like you, get frustrated and exhausted trying to support their child learning. This happens when the support you are offering is not the type of support your child needs. Have you ever

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