How to change the world

There are many ways to change the world. You might become president of the USA, run a successful socially minded business, save the whales.

To change the world you don’t need power and influence. You need to defeat ignorance.

One charity defeats ignorance by using the most powerful change agent there is – woman.

It is not often you discover the perfect charity – one that fits your values, uses every cent to help others and achieve wonders with very little.

There are many charities that need supporting at his time of year but I would like to introduce you to one that does amazing things for women and children in one of the poorest part of the World.

They provide an inclusive curriculum which, combined with the dedication and courage of the mothers they teach, helps overcome the obstacles that poverty, religion, gender, and disability put in the way of global education.

They educate the poorest of the poor, the downtrodden and overlooked, and give them a stepping stone into a productive future.

Their motto – educate a woman, change the world– really resonates with the work of Leading to Learning.

I feel proud to sponsor one of these amazing women.  Every few months I get a letter from her telling me about her group of children, what they have learned and how they are changing their lives for the better.

They are still educating children but now they have an even greater need. The children and their families do not have enough food.  Covid-19 has prevented those who had a job from working and providing for their families.

But these women are very resourceful – as are all women!

They have enlisted local food stores to donate their left over produce and have started a food kitchen that provides the children and their families with one meal a day.

Education is fine but children can’t learn with empty stomachs.

Go to their website – and take a couple of minutes to watch Fahim’s story.

Then, if you can, please donate a few dollars so the work can continue and kids can eat.  Every dollar goes directly to the people who need it most.

Then take time to enjoy the upcoming holidays, be grateful for family, where ever they are.

And maybe, just maybe, share some of your amazing bounty with those less fortunate  – who are changing the world!

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