Author name: Patricia Porter

Who benefits from online learning? During the pandemic most schools moved to on-line learning.  This was seen as being the least worst option to help students keep up with their work. Many students found it difficult to adapt to this new form of schooling and their grades suffered as a result. But some children thrived […]

    Here we go again. There is a BIG discussion in education circles about the best way to teach kids to read.   The debate is an old one wrapped up in new language.  Instead of the terms Phonics v. Whole language educators are now using the terms Structured Literacy v. Three-cueing system. Same old

I hear it all the time – “He just won’t listen to me” “I have to spend hours helping with homework, I am exhausted” “I have to show my child what to do.  What are teachers doing?” “I have tried everything but nothing seems to work” “Some of the assignments just don’t make sense” “I

  I was shocked.  A teacher told me that they didn’t help kids learn to read until they were 6 years old and in Grade 1. What!  This didn’t sound right. Why wait until a child is in Grade 1 when most kids are ready to begin their reading journey well before they are 6

School – such as it was – is out for the summer and your child has got an end-of-year report on their progress during the last year. Did you understand it?  Many parents tell me that they can’t understand what the report means and complain that it doesn’t give them information they can use. I

Kids have been having a hard time. During the pandemic they have been both isolated and restricted in what they can do. They have had limited access to friends and space to move. They have become stressed and tired. They spend less time outdoors and more time on screens. They worry about falling behind at

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