What parents are saying

“We felt lost. We wanted to help our daughter but we felt unable to give her the right support. Her teachers were frustrated too. We didn’t want to wait until she had fallen out of love with school to take action. Thanks to you we’ve made practical change at home and school and she is feeling much less misunderstood and the teacher less frustrated! Homework time has been cut in half!”

Parent of 10-year-old who was getting poor grades

“Our boy is smart in many ways but some things were really challenging for him. We were a frustrated family! You immediately suggested some new strategies and we are already seeing results – in just two days! My child’s spark is back!”

Mother of 10-year-old who didn’t want to go to school

“How do we fix a leak in a boat that is always taking on more water? That is how we felt about our daughter’s struggles in school. Now we have a plan with some very practical steps. Our relationship is infinitely better than before – thank you.”

Parents who wanted to know how to help with homework

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