Leading to Learning

You know your child has potential. So why are they having such a tough time with school?

Here’s what most teachers won’t tell you.  Even brilliant kids can struggle when teachers don’t recognize their unique learning needs. The good news is when you uncover why your child is struggling and how they learn best they start to fly. And that is exactly what the powe​​​​rful The Porter Process™ makes possible.

Learn how you can …

Make Learning Fun Again

Remember how happy your child was as he learned to walk and talk? When you uncover your child’s unique learning preferences you can use them to make learning faster and easier. Renew your child’s joy of learning.

Make School Their Launching Pad

Never worry about a subject being ‘hard’ ever again.  Learn strategies that your child can use to adapt how they are being taught to how they learn best.   Use your child’s learning strengths to overcome learning challenges so school success becomes the launching pad for their life success.

Why Tutoring May Not Be The Answer

If you want your child to thrive you need something more… a system that understands them and shows them how to change the most challenging learning situations into victories and gives them the confidence to achieve so they can soar!

Here's How it Works

After analyzing the results your Learning Leader will contact you to discuss proven, practical strategies that you can use immediately to increase your child’s academic success.

Busy Mom? No problem.

The whole process – 5 calls, assessments and emails - takes less than five hours. You decide the timeline. You may want to spread the sessions over one week or two months. The choice is yours.

Contact Leading to Learning today for a free twenty-minute Breakthrough to Learning call when we can decide if this program is really for you.

What Parents Say

We were a frustrated family.  Our boy is smart in many ways bit anything verbal was challenging for hm. You immediately suggested some new strategies and we are already seeing results – in just two days!  My child’s spark is back!
Mom of 8 yr. old

What a difference to my child’s outlook on school!  My son is now on a road to many worlds which education will bring him.
Mother of 7 yr. old 

The information Patricia gave us has been life changing.  We feel that Patricia’s depth of knowledge and keen understanding of children and how they learn was amazing. Now we have the tools to improve learning and family interactions.
Mother of children aged 9 and 13

Before working with Patricia we didn’t know where to turn.  Our bright son had all but given up on learning, was failing at school and his future looked bleak.  We were desperate to find out what we could do to help.  The information and advice Patricia gave us made all the difference in the world.  Our son made the honor roll and won a merit scholarship to attend the second best art school in the country!
Parents of 13 yr. old 

I really, really, like the core learning skills in step two because it’s like your secret weapon.  That’s the reason your child isn’t learning no matter how much money you spend or how many tutors you hire.  Until you identify the core learning issues nothing changes.  But once you identified it everything became possible!  It’s like the secret key that opens the door to the future, and only you Patricia can help parents find it.  What an amazing program.
Participant in Leading to Learning workshop